Check-in time: 2pm

Check-out time: 12 noon

Accommodates up to 12 pax

Pool depth: 4.5ft


Kampo Royale opened in February 24, 2023. This private recreation spot is located in the mountains of Antipolo, Rizal, giving it a spectacular view and cozy atmosphere.

The facility includes a pool, a kubo, a mini room, baths, and a kitchen.

The area by the entrance features plenty of seats and a table, along with a platform that can help you see the overall beauty of the place.

Kampo Royale offers various amenities that will surely make for a comfortable and memorable experience.

1 Bahay Kubo w/ beddings (4pax)

1 Mini room w/ beddings (6pax)

1 Open big tent for dining/tambayan with table and chairs

Free Parking (2 car/Motorcyles)

1 Open kitchen w/griller /lutuan/ basic cook wares and kitchen utensils

Extras (Free use) - BBQ grill - Ice chest/cooler

1 Extra tent for (2 pax)

Bonfire area

View deck

Pet Friendly